Cooking with Rhythm

Apparently, this was filmed in a street vendor's kitchen in Kerala, India

Clack Clack Toss. Clack Clack Toss. Moving rhythmically in the kitchen is a great way to increase your speed and precision. At first you'll probably be less social since moving like this requires entering "the zone", but eventually you'll be able to incorporate speaking, like Gordon Ramsay as he demonstrates how to cut an onion.

See all the rocking he's making the cameraman suffer through? It's not (just) nervous energy, he's actually setting a beat for his knife work.

Incorporating rhythm into your cooking technique is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Next time you are faced with a repetitive task or action in the kitchen, just count while you do it. Don't worry about what you are counting or how fast. Your mind has a natural capacity for making your counting and what you are doing line up.

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