Last minute Thanksgiving tips

In-laws decided they just needed to see the grandkid, the person that invited you asked you to pitch in, or you just realized you'd be the best person among your friends to pull off a last minute get together - whatever the reason, you are cooking something for Thanksgiving and you've only started thinking about it today. Here are some tips to pull of a feast to remember on short notice.

Keep it simple

You would just rock that 15 spice hand stuffed sweet potato sausage cooked in a levitating rotisserie, if you only had any of the equipment on hand and the time to use it. Why not take a look at your recipe box for something familiar, one dish, or hands off. No one will see the acrobatics you performed to prepare the meal, so it's better to focus on doing a few things well, if you want the completed effort to go down like gravy.

Ask for help

This might be the best trick in a pinch. Someone you know is either a Thanksgiving genius or has prepared weeks in advance for the occasion. Why not benefit from your association with the menu planners? Just send all your friends a request for ideas using Recipeer and more than one will very like step in to save the day. OF course you could use the recipes shared by super chef's Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, or Paula Deen, but when it's your turn to say what you are thankful for, it will feel more intimate to thank your super friends.

Skip the turkey

I know this is controversial, but the turkey was only one of a number of birds eaten at the first American feast, and besides you'll have a hard time finding the turkey you want the day before. The three sisters (squash, corn, and beans) are a great basis for a vegetarian main course. Chicken is a simpler option for meat with the additional advantage of more drumsticks per pound, or like Paula Deen go with individual Cornish game hens for a festive twist. (Cornish game hens are also a great option if most of your guests are vegetarian).

What ever you do, be sure to share the recipes with your guests, so they can congratulate you on pulling off Thanksgiving in just one day!

(And in case something goes wrong, I suggest you read Meg Favreau, Five Last-Minute Thanksgiving Fixes)

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